The Air Force in defense of the Baltic skies

(To air Force)

​On 18 August the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force general of the air team Luca Goretti visited Task Force Air 4th Wing, deployed in Lithuania, where he also met the Italian ambassador dott. Diego Ungaro. A visit of duty, as well as pleasure, as General Goretti defined it. 

A projection of the Armed Force capable of making the closeness felt by those on the front line to ensure the integrity of NATO borders and security. 

The commander of TFA-L 4th Wing col. Sacco Maino praised the members of the team that supports him on a daily basis: "A cross-section of the heterogeneous but complementary skills expressed by the Departments of the Armed Forces", adding that the TFA represents the most authentic expression of the projectability of a modern Armed Force, capable of producing operational effects wherever necessary, quickly and effectively adapting to the changing employment conditions dictated by the current geopolitical scenario. 

The ambassador extended his thanks to the Italian military on behalf of the Italian civil and institutional component for the appreciated commitment made in the name of the "Euro-Atlantic defense" of the Baltics, necessary for the realization of peace for which deterrence cannot only be a signal, but an inescapable presupposition. "Diplomats have the task of enhancing the commitment of the Italian Armed Forces at a political level", so that it is considered not in isolation, but added together with that made contextually in the numerous theaters in which we are engaged, from the eastern borders of NATO to the sub-Saharan regions passing through the southern Mediterranean. 

The commitment that NATO asks of the nation, explained General Goretti, takes the form of a considerable effort aimed at intercepting aircraft, in a delicate geopolitical context that requires promptness, but also prudence and balance. If the pilots, who are the tip of the iceberg, are reactive and capable of interception, it is true that all the components of the TFA support their work in the best possible way. A set of bricks constituting a contingent capable of suddenly ensuring the defense of a sovereign nation. 

General Goretti concluded his speech by thanking the TFA, because it is aware of the role and human and professional qualities that the Armed Forces are able to express wherever they are called to operate. A skill, however, which could not express its potential without the essential contribution of adherence logistics, whose leap in quality has made it possible to close a similar operation in Romania and open a new one in Lithuania in just a few days away. All of this, for General Goretti, represents the result of a synergistic teamwork and an effective mentoring action, aimed at a rapid and profitable transfer of intergenerational skills.