The aeronautics and space medicine department obtains certification from the department of the Air Force of United States

(To air Force)

Il aeronautical and space medicine department (RMAS) of air division of aeronautical and space experimentation (DASAS) of Pratica di Mare has obtained the five-year renewal of the certification of the aerophysiological training program for air force personnel by the United States Air Force Aerospace Physiology. The RMAS, the only Italian military body authorized for the theoretical-practical training of flight personnel in the aerospace medical sector, has been a provider in this area of ​​the "Department of the Air Force" of the United States since 2005.

The aerophysiological training courses - planned, organized and administered by the RMAS of Pratica di Mare - are aimed at pilots so that they acquire awareness of the effects of flight on human physiology, train themselves to perform the most appropriate maneuvers in case of emergency and know how to correctly use the equipment supplied. The courses include both theoretical lessons and practical tests such as simulated exposure to altitude in a hypobaric chamber, demonstrations on the "spatial disorientator", a particular flight simulator, tests on a rotary chair (Barany Chair), ejection simulator and exercises in the night vision.

For a pilot, the recognition and management of these effects on his body, through the correct execution of appropriate operating procedures, are fundamental elements for mitigating risks and maximizing in-flight performance at the same time. From this perspective, aerophysiological training courses represent an effective tool of the armed force also to increase flight safety, as they allow to improve the pilot's response to in-flight emergencies, while at the same time allowing for the effective transfer know-how and skills.

Il aeronautical and space medicine department (RMAS) carries out study and research activities on emerging problems in aeronautical and space medicine, carrying out experiments and technical checks on aeronautical equipment, electro-medical equipment, embarkable and wearable equipment.

La air division of aeronautical and space experimentation (DASAS), a unique structure in which the various study and experimentation centers of the Armed Forces converge, carries out - in synergy with national and international aeronautical excellence - study, experimentation, testing, technical-operational evaluation and research support activities of new aeronautical weapon systems, also for the benefit of other Armed Forces and/or State Armed Corps, when required. DASAS also ensures technical-logistical, administrative and operational support to the A.M. bodies/departments. located on the airport grounds, as well as to the bodies of other armed forces and armed bodies of the State present. Finally, it ensures the services necessary for the safe and effective carrying out of flight activities and the management of activities related to the reception, embarkation and disembarkation of men, materials and vehicles arriving and departing from Pratica di Mare airport.