Cameri's 1st Aircraft Maintenance Department has a new director

(To air Force)

On Wednesday 24 June, the change of command took place at the 1st R directionAircraft Maintenance Department of Cameri between Colonel Roberto Lo Conte and Colonel Danilo Figà.

The handover, carried out in line with the prescriptions dictated by the current emergency situation, was chaired by the commander of the 2nd division of the Logistic Command, Inspector General Giuseppe Lupoli, Colonel Pierpaolo Traverso, head of the superordinate Multifunctional Aircraft Center.

Colonel Lo Conte, in his farewell speech, highlighted the valuable results achieved during his command period and wanted to expressly thank all the staff of the department for the commitment and high professionalism always demonstrated. In a passage of his speech he underlined: "To all of you, therefore, to my direct collaborators and to all the men and women of this wonderful department, my appreciation, affection and sincere thanks go for what you have done and how you have done it".

Colonel Figà, in his inauguration intervention, thanked the superior authorities for the trust given him for the new assignment and expressed a heartfelt thanks to Colonel Lo Conte for the effective management of the department, he then turned his attention to 1st RMV staff: "You are the soul and heart of the department, you are a patrimony of skills, human and professional values ​​and abilities that in many years all my illustrious predecessors have developed, fed and handed down. This legacy of yours will now be my task to enhance it and if possible, increase it. "

Inspector General Lupoli in his speech wanted to point out the thanks to Colonel Lo Conte for the important results achieved especially in the complexity of the last few months and, addressing Colonel Figà he expressed: "best wishes for what you will have to do, for the challenges that you will have to face and that, we are convinced of it, will see you not only continue the virtuous path pursued by your predecessors but they will require you a proactivity and foresight, typical of those who must continue along an increasingly articulated and demanding chapter of life of the department ".

The Multifunctional Aircraft Center (Ce.Po.VA) was set up on the airport grounds of Cameri on 23 July 2012 and located under the control of the 2nd division of the Logistic Command AM.

From Ce.Po.VA depend the 1 ° Aircraft Maintenance Department, the Cameri Airport Command and the Initial Training Group (NIF) for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) F-35 program.

Ce.Po.VA, with its employees, represents the main engineering-maintenance and logistic center of the Air Force for high performance "fast jet" aircraft