The athletes of the AM Sports Center swear allegiance to their homeland

(To air Force)

Tuesday 10 September, 7 athletes of the AM Sports Center have sworn loyalty to the Italian Republic at the Vigna di Valle Airport Command - Sports History Center of the Italian Air Force.

The athletes, during a ceremony full of emotions, played the solemn "Lo Giuro!" in the evocative setting of the "Hangoni Badoni" of the Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force in the presence of both family members and a permanent staff representation.

The commander of the Vigna di Valle Airport Command - Sports Historiographic Center of the AM, Colonel Giuseppe Lauriola, in taking the floor, stressed the importance of the Oath ceremony as an act of fidelity with which every soldier undertakes to act always animated by a profound sense of duty towards the homeland and the institutions: "The higher these virtues will be, the greater the value of your people and your military honor" and added "allow me to address an exhortation to you: I invite you to seize all the extraordinary opportunities that the Air Force and the AM Sports Center offer , dedicate yourself with passion, have curious and constructively critical eyes, never be satisfied, you always tend to improve what surrounds you ".

The main purpose of the Aeronautica Militare sports center is to ensure, together with the sports federations of reference, the planning, technical management and control of the sports disciplines practiced by military athletes of "national interest" belonging to the Blue Weapon for the purpose to improve the level of high level competitive activity.