Galatina: military pilot's patents handed over to the officials of Italy, Kuwait and Singapore

(To air Force)

Yesterday, in Piazza San Pietro di Galatina (LE), in the presence of the Undersecretary of State for Defense, the Hon. Angelo Tofalo, of the Chief of Staff of the General Air Force of sa Alberto Rosso of the Mayor of Galatina Dr. Marcello Amante and of the civil and military authorities, the ceremony of delivery of the "Aquile Turrite", symbol of the patent of military pilot, took place. , pinned to six Italian students, seven from the Kuwait Air Force and two from the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

In his greeting, Colonel Alberto Surace, commander of the 61 ° Stormo, presented the Galatina flight school, which has been training pilots since the 1946 and which today boasts the presence of students and instructors from nine foreign countries. An international reality increasingly subject to attention from aeronautics around the world, offering unique skills in the training sector and an innovative integrated flight training system among the most advanced, based on the T339 combination, which will soon be replaced by the more modern T345, and T346.

"Dear neo-patented pilots - stated the col. Surace - as an older officer and pilot, I want to tell you that, in the pursuit of your career, you will be asked again so much effort so that each mission is organized in detail and every flight is carried out with the utmost concentration. But above all in our hyper-technological era the human being remains and will always remain at the center of everything. Therefore before anything else you are men ".

The gen. Red turning to the cadets underlined the importance of the moment and the responsibilities that derive from the patent of military pilot. "You will be called upon to face unique, complex but at the same time exciting, human and professional challenges that you can only overcome with the passion and dedication you have shown so far to possess". Furthermore speaking of the 61 ° Stormo he emphasized the important and fundamental role of the instructors, "Thanks to their generous dedication, - said the gen. Red - the Armed Forces' training pole is evolving towards the International Flight Training School which represents an authoritative and respected reference point for the aeronautics of other nations, offering a flight training system among the most technological and modern in the world, with the entry on the T345 line it will continue to grow towards even higher quality standards ".

You guys are the present and the future Italian ruling class - said Undersecretary Tofalo addressing directly to the newly-patented - the country is proud of you! You have a great responsibility to design the next trajectories of the Air Force and the good fortune of having made your passion for heaven your work in the service of Italy.