Florence: change at the top of the Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences

(To air Force)

On Monday 25 September, at the Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences (ISMA), the change of command ceremony took place between Air Brigadier General Urbano Floreani and Air Brigadier General Giovanni Francesco Adamo, in the presence of the commander of the AM Schools/ 3rd Air Region, Air Team General Silvano Frigerio and numerous local authorities.

General Floreani leaves command of the Institute after three years, characterized by events that involved the City of Florence, in particular those relating to the celebrations of the Centenary of the Air Force which consolidated the bond that has united the " Air War School”, as it is known by the Florentines, and the Tuscan capital. General Floreani assumed the role of head of the 85th "Communication" department of the Air Force general staff in early September, responsible for promoting the values, role and image of the Air Force according to the evolutionary lines of society, developing policies communications and communication strategies calibrated to the military dimension, alternating with General Adamo, incoming commander of the Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Gonfaloni of the City of Florence, of the Metropolitan City and of the Tuscany Region, the banners of the Armed Forces Associations while the staff of the Institute, the attendees of the normal course were lined up on Piazzale Bandiera Master and the students of the “G. Douhet”.

During his speech, General Floreani - not without emotion - after greeting and thanking the numerous local authorities who took part in the ceremony, underlined how: “The continuous transformation of international scenarios and the process of renewal of the Armed Forces require a constant and significant review of training programs, to ensure adequate preparation for our personnel. This path is possible thanks to the availability and active collaboration of local institutions and the University of Florence".

Subsequently he expressed a greeting to the students of the "Giulio Douhet" Military School: “your education is tremendously important and crucial, not only for the Ministry of Defense, but for our Italy: it is the great challenge of today's society” and reminding him that “the challenge is with yourselves and not between you, if you understand that collaborating will help you overcome personal limits, you will be able to go far".

Finally, his thoughts went to the staff of the Institute, highlighting this “the commitment, availability and passion with which you have worked, you have followed me without hesitation in these years, even difficult periods which have united us even more. Everything that was achieved was the result of collective work, teamwork where everyone's contribution was decisive".

The incoming commander, General Adamo, then spoke, recognizing him as General Floreani “has managed to bring ISMA to a level of excellence” and precisely “in full respect of this excellence, I will try with the utmost effort to continue his work in the best possible way. following the path he traced, certain of being on the right path".

He then addressed the Institute staff: “I entrust myself to you, men and women of ISMA, with trust and optimism and I urge you to face together with a spirit of self-sacrifice the challenges that the training sector will present to us every day, always proud of our role, remembering that, every contribution, however small it may be, is essential for our Armed Forces, our Air Force which, like the eagle that represents us, "flies with spread wings" thanks to precious teamwork, always".

The event ended with the speech of the commander of the Air Force Schools/3rd air region, air team general Silvano Frigerio, who after greeting the authorities and guests present, wanted to convey his satisfaction to the general. Floreani, who with the passion instilled in the fulfillment of the assigned mission has carried out an excellent job at the command of the School, also consolidating and expanding the collaboration with the faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Florence and strengthening the collaboration with the industrial sector in the field of leadership training and digital innovation. These synergies constitute useful meeting and mutual contamination activities with the outside world, enhancing the work of the staff and giving prestige to the image of the Institute which has now assumed a position of importance and absolute excellence in the context of military training and teaching in general.

Then turning to Gen. Adam, incoming commander, "the change in command, while in the name of continuity in sharing the values ​​and ideals that represent the pillars on which our Armed Force is based, guarantees - at the same time - new vigor and energy, the result of the different experiences and experiences of the successive commanders. The future presents us with increasingly complex and continually evolving scenarios, which requires continuous improvement, even in the training sector, with the aim of providing attendees with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to better deal with every situation. Therefore, the task is up to you to go further, always look ahead and - as they say - raise the bar a little further. I am sure that you will be able to carry out an accurate, punctual and intelligent command action". 

The Institute of Aeronautical Military Sciences, dependent on the command of the AM Schools, is home to numerous training activities including the normal course Master (carried out in collaboration with the “Cesare Alfieri” Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Florence), the general staff course for captains of special roles and further training sessions which include preparatory activities for operations outside national borders with theoretical lessons and practical exercises. Professional courses and in-depth studies are also planned for officers in the rank of major/lieutenant colonel and colonel for those who will assume the role of group and department commander; to these, the seminar for brigadier generals was also added which presents itself as a clear opportunity for reflection, during which to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to strengthen the analysis tools and stimulate the strategic thinking of future leaders of the Armed Forces. 

The department for didactic and managerial training is inserted and operational in the ISMA, which has the task of carrying out training activities in person and at a distance (e-learning) and related research/development in the sectors of teaching methodologies and managerial skills. The RE.FO.DI.MA. It also provides advanced training courses, specifically on human resource management, as regards the managerial field, and on new training methodologies (experiential/outdoor training) as regards innovative teaching methods.