Drones and Medicine: the new horizon for the transport of biological samples

(To air Force)

From 11 to 13 September at the Linate Military Airport, a team of researchers made up of doctors and nurses from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Milan, with the collaboration of the central laboratory of the Milan Polyclinic and the participation of staff from center of excellence for remotely piloted aircraft of Amendola, conducted an experiment aimed at exploring the potential use of drones in the medical field and, in particular, the transport of biological samples between laboratories. 

The experiment, carried out via night flights, saw the use of two Air Force drones and laid the foundations for new perspectives in the healthcare sector, through the safe and rapid transport of biological samples between laboratories, in particularly emergency situations , such as natural disasters or epidemics.

This is an interdisciplinary collaboration that marks the beginning of a new page in the evolution of healthcare and the ever-increasing role of drones in this field. All with a view to making assistance increasingly effective and usable.

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