Aeronautica Militare centenary: public success at the 25th edition of the Jesolo Air Show

(To air Force)

The 2th edition of the Air Show was held on Saturday 25 September in Jesolo which once again gave strong emotions and pure adrenaline to the 500 spectators who crowded the beaches of the coast to watch the spectacular evolutions of the National Acrobatic Patrol and of the aircraft of the 15th wing and of the 51st wing which gave life to the nourished program of the air show.

Preview of the event, in the morning, the inauguration ceremony of an access to the sea entitled to Frecce Tricolori in the presence of civil and military authorities, making Jesolo the first city in Italy to dedicate a street to the PAN as proof of the affection that the citizens and the Veneto have for the Air Force and for the Frecce Tricolori.

In the afternoon the overflight with the Tricolor flag of the HH-139B helicopter of the 15th wing began the flight program of the various participating assets including the "Patrouille de France" and the F-18 aircraft of the Swiss Air Force.
The flight of two AMXs of the 132nd Flight Group of the 51st Stormo Caccia di Istrana, allowed us to show the characteristics of the aircraft which, since its entry into service over 30 years ago, has become the protagonist for its characteristics and qualities that have determined the prolonged employment in the various operational theaters and in various training and support contexts for citizens.

The flight experimental department, present with the C-27J Spartan, the T-346A and the Eurofighter F-2000A embellished the event through an activity that made it possible to highlight the qualities and capabilities of the aircraft, as well as the high level of training of the crews.

To complete the program the Mongoose of the Italian Army, the AW 169 of the Guardia di Finanza and other military and civilian aircraft.

At the end of the day, the performance of National Acrobatic Patrol he enchanted the audience for about 25 minutes with the exciting acrobatic figures.

Among the authorities present to assist the Air Show, the Undersecretary of State for Defence, Senator Isabella Rauti, the Commander of the 1st Air Region, General of the Air Force Francesco Dress, the Mayor of Jesolo, Dr. Christofer De Zotti and the commander of the 51st wing Istrana Colonel Emanuele Chiadroni.