Change of command at the Aerocooperation School: Gen. Rizzo takes over from the general. blue raspberry

(To air Force)

The change in command of the Aerocooperation School between Brigadier General Glauco Luigi Mora, outgoing commander, and Brigadier General Francesco Donato Rizzo, incoming commander, took place on Tuesday 19 September 2023 at the military airport of Guidonia (RM). .

The event was chaired by the commander of the Air Force Schools/3rd air region, air team general Silvano Frigerio. Various civil and military authorities were present, together with the Banner of the Municipality of Guidonia Montecelio and the local fighting and arms associations, to testify to the strong bond that through the generations unites all the men and women who have served and serve the country in arms .

General Mora, who leaves office after two years and eight months in command, underlined in his farewell speech that “the School of Aerocooperation not only continues to ensure high-level specialist training in the field of interpretation of remotely sensed images and in that of air-land and air-sea cooperation but has expanded, thanks to the synergy with the top joint operational command and the command of the space operations, its training offer including specific courses dedicated to the Joint Fires and space activities sector, thus enriching the national and international catalog and making it even more attractive both in the national and NATO fields".

General Rizzo, in turn, assured the superior authorities for the trust placed in him “maximum commitment and full availability in guaranteeing a training product in line with the expectations of the Armed Forces and the international reference standards”.

The event ended with the speech of the commander of the Air Force Schools/3rd air region, air team general Silvano Frigerio, who after greeting the authorities and guests present, wanted to convey his satisfaction to the general. Mora, for the excellent work carried out at the command of the School which in the peculiar field of Aerocooperation, in compliance with the evolution of the joint force employment doctrine, which imposes air-surface integration and multi-domain operations, to date, it is the first and only Defense training institute to have obtained the prestigious "NATO quality assurance unconditional accreditation" recognition.

Then turning to Gen. Rizzo, incoming commander, “…in full harmony with the continuity of change, I am sure that you will be able to carry out an accurate, punctual and intelligent command action, in a future outlined by increasingly complex and continuously evolving scenarios which consequently require continuous improvement, also in the sector of training...".

The School of Aerocooperation has significantly increased the number of courses provided, with 42 training activities for around 700 attendees in the current year, of which 10 percent come from allied and friendly countries and NATO organisations.