Air Force Academy: the ranks of second lieutenant have been awarded to the aspirants of the Borea VI course

(To air Force)

The ceremony for awarding the ranks of second lieutenant to 10 course attendees took place on Wednesday 70 January at the officers' club of the Pozzuoli Air Force Academy (NA). Boreas VI.

A source of pride for the young "Boreans" in this significant ceremony was the presence of the commander of the schools of the Air Force/3rd air region, air team general Silvano Frigerio, as well as godfather of the course Boreas IV, which further underlined the strong and indissoluble bond that has always distinguished the different generations of the courses Boreas.

Doing the honors was the commander of the Air Force Academy, general of the air division Luigi Casali, who after thanking general Frigerio for his authoritative presence, congratulated the new officers: “Today is a day that marks an important passage in the life of every visitor to this Institute. An important goal achieved thanks to the determination that characterized your stay at the Academy. I close with a recommendation: don't rest on this result, continue to be a point of reference and an example for younger students and I urge you to continue with the same passion and determination that brought you to this goal".

Subsequently, Second Lieutenant Amedeo Rossi, course leader of the course, took the floor Boreas VI"Wearing the rank of second lieutenant is the culmination of a journey that lasted more than three years, which leads the young 'pinguins' of the first course to grow day after day amidst a thousand difficulties, overcoming them not as individuals, but as a course, until they get to dress the coveted lozenge. This day certainly represents a very important milestone, which however has a double meaning: on the one hand it is the end of a journey, that of a student, but at the same time it also represents the beginning of a new one, that of an officer. A path that will see us face increasingly difficult challenges for which we should draw on everything we have learned in recent years. From this moment on, many will look to us as guides to follow, and this translates into a huge responsibility. But I am certain of one thing: the Borea VI course will not back down!”.

Before the awarding of degrees, General Frigerio gave his warmest greetings as Godfather to the entire course Boreas VI: “Know that when you go to the departments you will have to be an example, not only for the younger ones, but also for the older ones who will look at you as the Air Force of the future, you will be a reference for them too, the pulse of what the Air Force today and which officers it will be made up of in the coming years".

The Air Force Academy is under the command of the schools of the Air Force/3rd Air Region. It is a military institute of higher studies of a university nature which has the task of providing for the recruitment and training of young people who aspire to become officers of the Air Force. By attending the Academy's regular courses you can become a second lieutenant effective permanent service of the Air Force, in the normal role of navigators (pilots) and in the normal role of the weapons, of the aeronautical engineers, of the aeronautical commissary corps and of the aeronautical medical corps. Courses are also held at the Institute for officer students (supplementary pilots and navigators and fixed positions) and directly appointed second lieutenants (both in the normal role and in the special role); finally, in the Academy's study plan, courses with a specialist aeronautical connotation are foreseen, for foreign personnel and other Armed Forces.