72 ° Stormo: change at the top in the military airport of Frosinone

(To air Force)

On Wednesday 3 July at the 72 ° Stormo of Frosinone, there was the ceremony of change of command between Colonel Alfonso Alberino and Colonel Davide Cipelletti. The ceremony was presided over by Air Team General Aurelio Colagrande, commander of the AM / 3 Schools in the Bari Air Region, and was attended by the highest civil and military authorities in the area.

"The pride and emotions with which I played my role as Commander, with whom I lived and which I nurtured in the past 2 years, have few comparisons in my life. Today, in fact, I don't simply leave a production department and singular, but I leave a human and social context, unprecedented in my experience ". With these words Colonel Alberino wanted to thank the staff of the 72 ° Stormo for the human effort and the moral and intellectual value demonstrated. "Thank you for your contribution in every activity of the Department and for the technical-operational results achieved".

Colonel Cipelletti, taking the floor, said "grateful to the Air Force for this new and exciting opportunity". Then addressing the men and women of the Wing and projecting his gaze to the future, he continued: "the challenges that await us will be the yardstick with which we will measure our ability to anticipate change and to grasp, together, the opportunities that will arise. I hope that the contamination of different realities will act as a stimulus and allow all of us to grow and to improve ourselves daily. Creating the conditions for a virtuous change will be our challenge ".

Finally, General Colagrande, after giving a moving thought to the fallen and those who worked in the 72 ° Stormo, making it a symbol and deposit of founding values ​​for the new generations, thanked Colonel Alberino for the work done and the results achieved "in the field of training and selection of future helicopter pilots. The Stormo has now become a reference point in international and national flight training, thanks to the men and women who, with passion, professionalism and spirit of self-sacrifice, have contributed to achieving ever greater efficiency ". Turning then to Colonel Cipelletti, he continued: "I am convinced that he will be able to guarantee the achievement of the new and difficult objectives which see, in the immediate future, the Stormo, in the current and complex framework of evolution of the Air Force, in an increasingly modern and dynamic Armed Forces, and therefore, increasingly cohesive and useful to the country ".