Homage to the 80th rgt "Roma"


Good morning, I am a reader of your magazine, in recent days I happened to read an article regarding the object and, immediately after, I wanted to write to you about my experience in that regiment.

From the first days of January '73 to the end of May of the same year, I was, even though I was a first-appointed cpl, the director of the health service of that rgt in the Lolli Ghetti barracks in Cassino, commanded at that time by lieutenant col. f. Giuseppe Calconi, I was (and am) married and for this reason that rank allowed me to have accommodation in the large infirmary building together with my wife.

In that period the 80th was a CAR rgt for recruits both for the EI and for the AM, every now and then the large barracks also hosted a tactical group and in that period it hosted the tactical group of the 157th infantry rgt " Lions of Liguria" also known because they all wore a red tie! (rgt now dissolved)

Around March the 80th of Cassino was chosen by the General Staff as an experimental school for the very first VFPs, these were 16-year-old boys who were sent to arms sometimes also due to their difficult family situation... I remember well the cries of someone at moment of the departure of the relatives who had accompanied them to the barracks and I also remember the work of my wife who helped me encourage them.

In May I was transferred, to get closer to my home, to the Falconara Marittima barracks of the 28th rgt f. Pavia commanded by col. Silvestrini, coincidentally, transferred immediately after me from the 80th!!!

Upon discharge I remained in the reserve reaching the rank of 1st medical captain.

After about fifteen years I returned to Cassino to introduce my children to the barracks, I found it no longer in the countryside but surrounded by new buildings including those intended for the families of military personnel.

Having stopped the car at a distance from the sentry box we were firmly removed, perhaps because they had mistaken us for terrorists and my explanations as to the reason for our curiosity were of no avail...

If some readers recognize themselves in what is written and want contact me, I will be happy to answer.

Thanks to the editorial team

Giuseppe Brizzi