Letter to Difesa Online: "Cessation of the improper use of the armed forces for public order tasks!"


Dear director, I served in the mid-80s as an auxiliary carabiniere and I proudly carry the memory of that extraordinary human and professional experience!

I often ask myself whether our young people could benefit from a period of community service, either in the police force or in the Army: my answer is always yes, loud and clear!

Our kids need something rite of passage that allows them to fully enter the world of adults, which is the world of responsibilities...

Italy certainly needs a land reserve force - in case of necessity - easily and promptly mobilised, which costs little in terms of management of training calls and from the point of view of mobilisation, in the event of natural disasters.

But Italy needs a force of thousands of men to carry out territorial control and deterrence activities with Strade Sicure, taking personnel away from primary institutional task training and response readiness?

It's a topic that current politicians discuss to gain some publicity, without being aware of the real needs of the country, of the armed force and of the young people in question.

The one you edit is one of the few sector magazines that periodically address the issue. I suggest you insist on the topic but broadening the topic and connecting the cessation of the improper use of the armed forces for public order tasks with the question of the return of lever.

Thank you for your attention and for the work you do.

Good job.

Stefano Bausola


Dear reader, your words coincide with the latest increase in the number of soldiers employed in the mission Safe Roads.

Apparently, in a country with over 350.000 men and women among the State Police, Carabinieri, Financial Police, Penitentiary Police, Municipal Police/Local Police... another 1400 soldiers are needed (sic!) to guarantee public order. "Strade Sicure" thus reaches a total of 6.800 soldiers.

At this point it is not only the chronic frustration of those who should prepare to survive the violence of the War (ongoing...) that should be noted and he can't do it, but also that of those who have chosen to work to guarantee precisely the safety of fellow citizens and we hear that a 1,94% of (improper) extra staff... will make some difference!

Let's hope that the next hirings in the Italian police forces can compensate for that missing "key" percentage. Because otherwise we might start to wonder if the double the number of agents in the UK and a third more than those in France, are not simply poorly organized and poorly financed.

As regards the return to the draft, given the foreign example of recent years (numerous hundreds of thousands of calls to arms in Ukraine, Russia and Israel!), some form of restoration, even partial, should have taken place 2 years ago: in case of emergency we will no longer have the possibility to recall fresh draft classes as it has now been suspended for twenty years. And training from scratch would take a fatal time for the country!

Today that "rite of passage" has perfectly identified it would be desirable! It is currently replaced by like bored on a sofa waiting to be able to vote for their worthy representatives (often masters of Selfie). Let alone doing - laboriously - one's part in the service of a country that now has as "sacred" only personal interests, vanities and emptiness...

Andrea Cucco

Photo: Italian Army