Sap of the nation above specificity and representation


From the now distant 2010 the military world is imprisoned within a semantic delusion made up of sectors, defenses and security, spa specificity, bargaining, yellow unions and whatever else offers the vocabulary of a frustrated and confused public administration.

In these few lines will offer a point of view perhaps obsolete, but certainly dynamic and real about what the world is in uniform without filters or words in free exit.

Assigning a specificity to the military ex lege is very dissonant since the military are, like the law, an expression of the State, the personnel in uniform is not organic to the system, it is the system, to clarify this first concept, "no poo less than ”Menenio Agrippa.

The ancient senator, without the controversial immunity of today, to make the souls of Patrizi and Plebei calmed, made the famous speech of the members from which we want to change the concept that if the state is a single corpus, the military are part of this at the equal the organs necessary for survival, in essence if it remains true that the Gentile concept for which everything is in the State has been overcome, the same can not be said for the Armed Forces since they are a plastic manifestation of the State inside and outside the national borders . 

Having assumed all this as true, here the terms used to open this article are distant galaxies from the military condition, how to mix intestinal gases and the noble thought from which metaphysics is born, so just like that, the Armed Forces as far as possible speaking badly are part of the spirit of a nation, as they represent it, they constitute the vital fire, they have kept within them the largest reservoir of research and discoveries, from thermodynamics to the internet, to go through chemistry and medicine. 

If we look closely then we have to ask ourselves why this need for specificity where, returning to the metaphor of the human body, we could say without shadow of denial that the stomach does not need particular demonstrations to assert its usefulness, nor should it defend itself against antibodies for continue its meritorious work, unless there is an auto-immune disease and we are at the crux of this reasoning, at the keystone that if badly placed makes the building collapse. 

The Italy of the last 4 years is an organism devoted to suicide, with a series of maddened antibodies which, instead of defending the common good from external agents, aims at a fratricidal struggle until total dissolution, here is one of the most important organism, the Armed Forces are attacked and delegitimize without a minimum of restraint, this attitude determines a decrease in the lifeblood of this nation, the fire fades and then there is no longer foreign policy, internal security and industrial policy, in short, they are less the best energies, one loses in competitiveness and trust, two naval non-commissioned officers are abandoned in a foreign country, the uncritical way of making up for the international shortcomings for the management of migratory flows, giving up an adequate defense system for a sufficient system that is, we cut recruitment in favor of aging, we envelop ourselves in the bureaucracy of spokespersons and bag holders without rememberingburden bearers, that is, all those men and women who do not need to be represented with a trade union because their determination is imprinted in the words of the oath, all those men and women who do not need to be specific as they are already special , all those men and women placed at the service of this nation to protect its supreme good which is that of life.

It is not difficult to understand these concepts, just overcome greed and arrogance, ignorance and blindness, just be faithful, just observe the Constitution and the laws, just have discipline and honor, in short, just be a bit 'military to understand how the military are the lifeblood of the country.

Andrea Pastore