Letters to the editor: armored, armored and (impossible) indignant...


Dear director, while I was watching the live broadcast "Dardo: in Italy does industry matter more or the lives of soldiers?" broadcast on your YouTube channel on 23 September, I asked myself a few questions regarding the situation of the Italian armored departments.

First I would like to ask, in your opinion, despite your apparent inability to perform combat missions in today's times, how much longer will the VCC Dardo remain in the ranks of our army? Other questions and hypotheses that came to my mind while watching your live feed which I hope you can answer are: Can the VBM Freccia be considered the successor of the Dardo and in what respects is it better than the latter? If the Freccia were tracked, could it be compared to the CV90 or KF41 Lynx in terms of performance? (not considering purchase/maintenance costs).

Finally, returning to the first question: Could the possible purchase of 250 Leopard 2A7s facilitate the withdrawal and replacement of the Dardos with more modern models? Sorry for so many questions but I hope you can answer them all.

Yours sincerely

Lorenzo Salvadori del Prato


Dear reader, thank you for these questions. Since a nearly 90-year-old hand grenade, the SRCM Mod.35, is still in the reserves of the departments, hypothesize for how long a vehicle designed in the late 70s, developed in the early 80s and delivered to the late 90s brings us to the edge of astrology. Everything will depend on the ability of the political and military leaders to quickly find the best replacement to face the serious and real threat (article 11 of the constitution or not) brought by the war 700 kilometers from our border.

The VBM Arrow can not be considered the successor of Dart because an armored car cannot, nor will it ever be able to do the job of an armored car. Given the protection offered by Darthowever, the vehicle can easily be considered an armored vehicle.

The performance of the Arrow, already problematic according to the users (and not the manufacturer...), are scarce as it is a rotated armored car. Comparison with other armored and tracked vehicles is impossible.

The replacement of the Dart with another means, in case of purchase of Leopard 2A7, it will be indispensable as it will have to be supported by an IFV with the ability to protect against drones, loitering munitions and artillery strikes. At the moment only the KF41 Lynx can credibly offer them.

Andrea Cucco


It is not the first time that I have read letters to the director of Defense on Line where the basic topic is the safety of our military and it is right to talk about it here but what I find misleading is the belief that the poor safety of vehicles built by the national industry are deficient in terms of performance and protection.

I can guarantee that the Italian industry specializing in the construction of military vehicles is technologically on par with the German, English, French and American industries. The problem lies in how much the buyer wants to spend… If you want to buy a vehicle that has all the top requisites (engine, transmission, suspension, weapon change and safety) the cost is 100 if, on the other hand, if your wallet is short on money and you want in any case, a vehicle to be apparently militarily competitive at a European level, the tank will also be built for you in cardboard, however always according to the specifications and specifications of the buyer, the contract is then signed by both the Italian industries and our Government.

Basically, the Italian industry builds according to the buyer's specifications.



Let's start from the beginning: the title is "Defense Online". Seriously, I partially agree with you. Talking about "Italian industry" means generalizing as a politician would. Today, after decades and decades in which we have been rhetorically told that any creation of the beautiful country was "envied all over the world", I think they've finally opened their eyes: there are slices or niches of excellence but - of course - we cannot claim primacy always and everywhere.

He is right when he says that everything depends on what companies are asked to do, however, if you get used to charging 350 what would cost 80 in a competitive market, some people get used to it badly and above all resort to pathetically parochial slogans to deceive their fellow citizens contributors...

It is also true that the "buyers" have sometimes had their share of the blame, pandering to companies interested only in their own short-sighted gain, together with a policy unwilling to listen to the needs of the armed forces. I hope that soon certain malpractices will change.

Andrea Cucco


Dear director, I have read some articles and responses to letters to Online Defense on the renewal of the armored component which could offend the Chief of Staff of the Army. Don't you think that the limit of information should be the final technical evaluation? And in this case... shouldn't it be left to the professionals? If you really want to write, why don't you interview General Serino?

Letter signed


Dear reader, what it tells me It surprises me. In previous articles I have essentially taken up the words of the head of SME in front of our parliamentarians: "If our soldiers were to be called to operate, I must have the conscience of having done everything in my power to allow them to operate in the best conditions". In this sense it is impossible to be offended: when the choices are consistent with what has been declared, there can only be satisfaction and pride in the decisions taken. On the other hand, it is up to him to look our fellow citizens in the eyes every day. The looks of gratitude will be turned to him for the means (and related capabilities!) adopted in the event of a real armed conflict.

As for the opportunity to interview him, I'd like to humor it. Unfortunately, despite the fact that an interview with the general has been requested several times for years, to this header it has never been "granted" (unlike some others). The suspicion is that the marzullesque "ask a question and give an answer" is the only question admitted and/or welcome...

I trust that one day Italy will become a democratic republic and no longer a post-monarchical regime in which citizens are considered subjects (plebeians) to whom "concession" something...

Andrea Cucco

Photo: Italian Army