Letter to Defense Online on 8 September: "the Resistance did not make it" equalize "the war. We are not the French."


Dear Editor, the point in question is and I believe it will be the vexed questio that, unintentionally, Salvini proceeded to resurrect, after 76 years of deep coma, from in-consciousness (understood as lack of conscience, of self-awareness, of who it was and of who it is) of the Italians. Maybe it's the right time.

Salvini, with his unconscious (indeed) choice of time in seeking the government crisis, has reawakened (heavily) the ghost of the eternal direction of political, social, economic, military (geo-strategic) choices that from 76 years determine Italian life almost in every area.

He does not know, and not even realizes that, for historical heritage, there are those who know very well who is boss in this country (and has always kept in mind) and that, when necessary, reminds us in the ways and in the ways that he considers more appropriate from time to time.

In the past, the reorganization of political and economic, social and political figures has assumed bloody, scandalous and even painful aspects (perhaps this is and will be the case of Salvini). But today, like yesterday and certainly like tomorrow, it is clear and obvious that if there are those who only try to imagine something "Italian" for the Italians does not go far. This is the rule that a puppet king and his court of beggars agreed to follow 76 years ago, trying to save himself, and that is still valid today.

The sore point, once again, is the substantial ignorance (even in good faith) of this simple fact: Italy has declared war, for various reasons that no longer have the slightest importance, and has lost it. We must begin to make ourselves right and come to terms with our historical conscience. And the Resistance, I'm so sorry, didn't make it "draw", the war. We are not the French.

Ex-military, ex-communist, post-fascist, economist, indifferent, p2ist, journalist ... They don't know, or pretend not to know, that everything, EVERYTHING, depends on 76 years, simply on this. And that will depend on it for a long time. It is time to put an end to this substantial mockery of ourselves, which among other things abroad has never even touched to convince anyone, in fact: it is used implicitly, and even explicitly sometimes, to put us in ethical check and historical. We do not trust the Italians: this is a fact.

I am convinced of the good faith of many partisans and of many fighters of that period. But we should understand, after 76 years, that if the result of their political and ideological efforts is subjected in a clear, unequivocal way to a tweet by Donald Trump that tells us: "Giuseppi must go well", that all, ALL, the Italian politicians immediately understand the message and adapt to it (even if they make a dark face of circumstance), it means that still saying that the dead of one side could be dead better than those of the other ... Perhaps it has not and not it never made much sense.

Perhaps it would be time to tell each other the truth. Perhaps, and I say perhaps, those dead, of all the line-ups, Italian dead, would finally find a little peace, if we told each other, at least among ourselves, the Truth.

With respect.

Andrea Sapori

Dear reader, I fully agree with this letter. A painful characteristic - aggravated over time - in compatriots is the inability to assume and admit faults or responsibilities, facing the consequences. A childish and cowardly attitude resulting from weakness. A widespread sloth, from nurseries to the palaces of the institutions.

I also remember the words of a French major in learning the details of September 8 in a training course in Italy ... "What are you complaining about today? Do you realize that for a moment you have been at war with the whole world? !!!"

He was right.

Andrea Cucco

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