Letter to Difesa Online: "Free rein as a citizen"


We live, I believe, in one of the most paradoxical and dare I say bigoted historical periods of recent centuries. We seem horrified that an armed attack can be responded to with retaliation, harsh isolation and a reaction, if necessary, even more intense than the act itself that caused it.

But why all this? Why do we no longer have the right to experience the feeling of having or having to "take revenge"?

We have entered into the mood that we must always be able to react in a composed, almost soft way, to demonstrate that we are on the side of reason, that we are the civilized part of the world or perhaps because we really don't have the courage to start something that then requires courage and resolve to see it through.

So maybe the right question would be but why have we become cowards? Sentiments such as "altruism, courage, a very high sense of duty and steadfastness of spirit" (deliberately taken from the final motivations of one of your recent interviewees for the MDVM) where have we lost them?

We are the society that seems to have the strength only to fight for a social like, but we turn away in the face of abuse or aggression already in our small daily lives. We are so ridiculous that we think that wars stop with the sharing of a post, with the signing of the current online petition, because we don't even go to sign in person.

And then how can we allow ourselves to judge those who decide to fight, but to fight in the true meaning of the word, confronting the enemy with oneself, body, soul and weapon. And yes weapons because it is damned true that certain battles for one's rights must be fought with weapons, with determination and courage.

Surely these words will cause indignation, perhaps if it were right I could be defined as a "warmonger", but without going far into history, let's think about our grandparents or great-grandparents, they put their body, soul and weapon, yet they are not warmongering monsters.

With just two generations of us, we have totally embraced our comfort zone and we do everything possible not to get out of it.

How dramatically timely is your question: "And when will it be our turn?".

Greetings from a regular reader

Luigi Scirocco


Dear Luigi, I really appreciate what you have expressed and I agree with it entirely. I thank you above all for the reflection and the many "whys" contained in the letter.

Observing a divided and derided people, whose majority has long since stopped going to vote even "holding their nose", the correct answer is probably only one: we were scammed.

The many beneficiaries (not necessarily "authors") of the scam can be identified without too much difficulty. What allows a thread of hope to filter through for the future is that I am today minority.

Stunned (almost addicted and "addicted") by hypocrisy, by mood of its own. which has well indicated, from censorship or disinformation, and from "political correctness"... we will soon all have to open our eyes and - finally - look up from our feet.

It's going to be a great day!

Andrea Cucco