Letter to Online Defense: The agricultural sector on its knees. Navigators turn into cultivators!


In the fields throughout Italy strawberries, asparagus, artichokes, tomatoes and many other essential products that are indispensable on our tables continue to rot. In the orchards, vegetable gardens and greenhouses of all regions the product has not disappeared. It is there, hanging from the trees or along the plowed rows or inside the large glass covers. Fruits and vegetables ready to be harvested: good, healthy and Italian. There is only one small problem: there is no manpower. Or at least, in this precise historical moment, it is impossible to hire the over 200.000 workers indispensable to the sector.

Giorgia Meloni and Fratelli d'Italia, supported by the whole agricultural sector, continues to ask for the reintroduction of vouchers or immediate tools to activate a simple, elementary economic action that does not need production lines, CE certifications and tests to be laboratory. This is called collection. A tiring action, known to our fathers, our ancestors and our civilization and used for millennia.

A job that, in our country is pure excellence, like fashion, just think of Italian wines or oil.

The proposal, confirmed by the agricultural associations, was shamefully rejected by Pd and Cinque stelle and yesterday, on Rai, I am stunned to hear about air bridges with Romania to bring laborers.

In Italy there are 700 thousand income earners of citizenship "employable" and the number of inactive has always been increasing (source only 24 hours). Let's say that among those who receive this income there are "the clever couch" (few) and physically disabled men and women. It is unthinkable, however, that all those who, in a dramatic crisis of a planetary level, are lucky enough to be healthy to perceive this tool of economic support cannot help.

Courageous doctors and nurses are constantly seen on TV going to the most crisis-prone places from a health point of view. The services, the interviews overlap between the television networks. The gesture of these professionals, almost contemptuous of danger, destined for "the most besieged trenches" is there for all to see.

Dear citizens of the income of citizenship, in this dramatic moment for the country you can be heroes too, if you want to look like this, or maybe you can appear to be simple citizens with a great civic and moral sense. Dear "navigator" (so you are called if I'm not mistaken ...) that you currently consider yourself stalled and that you are unable to occupy anyone, you can now come forward. Transform yourself into a "cultivator". Inform the press about your availability and who you need to help and direct to work. Contact the associations and managers of the agricultural sector. Use social media to collect memberships (you are very good at this) and offer all your availability. The nurses, the doctors, the sick, your own families need what you can now do: collect in the fields.

Enrico Spanu