Open letter to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Turkey


Mr. President, my name is Andrea Gaspardo, I am a geopolitical analyst based in Italy and, together with the editorial staff of Difesa Online, with whom I have been collaborating for two years, I would like to write to you directly in the light of your latest actions and statements because I confess that from several years your person worries me, and not a little.

I want to be clear immediately both with you and with the readers that they will have the opportunity to scroll through the following lines; I absolutely do not believe that you are "crazy" or "moody" as many superficial people say, even in the entourages of many Western chancelleries and beyond. I know for a fact that you are a rational individual and that you make your decisions based on a coherent plan that should lead you and your country to dominate the world. After all, this is exactly what you have been saying constantly, day after day for years now, on all possible public occasions to your compatriots, who are happy to follow you in your resolutions, as the reality of Turkey has sadly shown in the last 20 years. . Unfortunately, not many people abroad, especially in Europe, know the Turkish language so up to now there has not yet been that collective awareness on a global level with respect to the danger of your work that instead was created quite quickly in Europe. of the 30s, when Adolf Hitler became the Führer of the Third Reich.

It is interesting to note that during a meeting in the presence of the international press in 2016, you cited Hitler's Third Reich as an example of "presidentialism" to inspire. Mr. President, was this really a misunderstanding as your staff later hastened to remark, or did you already identify with the part? In any case, being an Italian citizen and patriot, and knowing for certain that your expansionist plans are in no way compatible with the national interests of my country, the Italian Republic, I would like to confront you in a frank and frank way, as is done with an "Honest Enemy". I also want to clear away any retro thinking about whether this is a war between Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion, as many of our own irresponsible people say, giving the mill of a theorem that you artfully try to feed through the myriad of conflicting messages that it regularly sends to the leaders and peoples of other countries. Yes, Mr. President, this is a war, but not a war of religion and you are not the champion and political leader of Islam, even if, for your expansionist purposes, you would not mind this role at all. You, Excellency, are alone a cheater who, thanks to a very particular historical situation, managed to seduce an entire nation so nationalist that it bordered on gingoism but deeply frustrated by the last 100 years of its history and who saw in you a "Führer" who could lead it to new horizons of glory, thus avenging the perceived humiliations suffered in the thing of the time.

In a nutshell, oh Reis (that's how your followers call you, and that word means "the Leader", right?), Religion has nothing to do with this issue, just as democracy has nothing to do with it. , given that Turkey is not a democracy and it is not up to us to "democratize it". We fight to prevent you and your "subjects" (this is what modern Turks are reduced to) from making yourself comfortable in an area of ​​the world that does not belong exclusively to you and in which you must stop bullying and go to intimidate, if not to attack militarily, all "others" who do not accept your diktat. This is a thought especially dedicated to the many ill-informed readers who are literally obsessed with Islam: our enemy is NOT Islam but Turkish Nationalism, which today, after a centuries-old process of "evolution", has finally degenerated into his final "apotheosis" of Turkish Fascism.

Coming to your statements, President, in the days following the barbaric beheading of the French professor Samuel Paty, by a young Chechen criminal named Abdoullakh Abouyedovich Anzorov, you have not shown any kind of solidarity with the victim's family and the people. French in general, contrary to what has been done by many leaders even in the Islamic world itself, but has actually seen fit to try to further heat the spirits by issuing a series of statements in which he states, I read verbatim, that: "A lynching campaign similar to that against the Jews before the Second World War is taking place in Europe against Muslims"Then continuing to state that"Islamophobia is the plague of European countries"And finally, this time addressed to Chancellor Angela Merkel:"I appeal to Chancellor Merkel. If you have freedom of religion, how is it that there have been nearly 100 attacks on mosques? You are the true fascists, you are the heirs of the Nazis".

I state that Islamophobia does not like me either, and the increase in attacks against places of worship, both Islamic and non-Islamic, is actually the indicator of a profound inner malaise in European societies, but it really takes courage to affirm that the condition of Muslims here in Europe today is comparable to that of Jews at the time of the Shoah! For your information, about 44 million Muslims live on the European continent, equal to about 6/7% of the total population of the same. About 19 million of them live within the borders of the European Union and the United Kingdom, while the remainder are located in the various countries of the Balkan Peninsula and in the ex-Soviet states (mainly Russia) that are not part of the EU. Therefore, numerically speaking, Muslim communities have never enjoyed better health, not to mention the fact that most Muslims living on the European continent are not newly arrived immigrants but belong to indigenous communities or have settled in our continent centuries ago, such as the Albanians, the Bosnian Muslims, the Pomaks, the Balkan Turks and Cypriots, the various Muslim populations of the Caucasus and the Tatars of the most disparate origins (Volga Tatars, Crimean Tatars, Lipka Tatars, etc ... ). And, if it is true that acts of racism do not honor our societies, nevertheless I challenge anyone, including you, to claim that the governments of European countries are preparing extermination camps for the Muslims of this continent or who have only prepared a program of mass filing of one's own ethno-religious minorities as your country has been doing for decades with regard to its "subjects" belonging to the surviving Armenian, Jewish and Greek communities, once numerous and vital and today small and sparse, after over a century of genocides, deportations, expulsions and forced assimilations.

For example, Mr President, in November 2019, TRT World, the English-language TV channel that your government uses as a global propaganda platform, came out with a mini documentary entitled “Are Turks living in Bulgaria still oppressed? " (translatable as: "Are the Turks living in Bulgaria still oppressed?"). Well, according to the data of the latest census available, in 2011 the Turks of Bulgaria were 588.318 equal to about 8,8% of the 7.364.570 inhabitants of Bulgaria. They are not the only ones, however, given that, in addition to the Turks, Bulgaria's constitution recognizes the existence of at least 12 other minorities.

But if you don't like the Bulgarian example, we can talk about the country that historically represents Turkey's quintessential enemy: Greece. 135.500 Turks still live here today, divided between Western Thrace (130.000), the island of Rhodes (3.500) and the island of Kos (2.000) despite the fact that the aforementioned TRT World still works hard to paint Greece as a sort of living hell for the Turks. . Thankfully, President, don't you think that, despite the undeniable problems, if in Greece there is still a Turkish community that is so numerically robust, this means that perhaps their life there is not so prohibitive and their rights, after all, guaranteed? If you allow, let's now analyze what happens in your home. Although at least 30% of the population of Turkey belongs to one of several ethnic or religious minorities other than the "Sunni Turks" and even in the speeches of the people of the bazaars your country is known as "the land of 35 ethnic groups", the Turkish constitution states that in the Republic of Turkey it exists one people and one nation, the Turkish one.

The only "minorities" that you Turks recognize are only some religious communities (Armenians, Jews and Greeks) that the Treaty of Lausanne obliged you to recognize and that you have always treated with very undisguised annoyance. Today only 70.000 Armenians, 18.000 Jews and 5.000 Greeks live in Turkey, the last survivors of thousands of years old communities which, at the time of their maximum splendor, numbered hundreds of thousands (Jews) or millions (Armenians and Greeks) of individuals and that today have been almost completely wiped out also and above all because of the discriminatory policies, if not of real genocide that all Turkish governments, from the "Young Turks" regime of 1908-1918 up to your carried on.

Tell me, Your Excellency, what fear do you have of small communities which on the whole amount to less than 0,2% of the total population of Turkey (a giant of at least 83 million inhabitants), that they deserve to be constantly attacked and vilified by the press. regime, intimidated by the fascist gangs of your “Gray Wolves” and forced to emigrate from the country in which they have always lived and which owes much of its cultural, economic and social development to them?

What is the point of the fact that, again in 2010, you threatened to "deport all living Armenians to Turkey" if other countries were to recognize the Armenian Genocide?

And what sense does the obstinacy with which you, your government and your entire nation still deny today that the Armenian Genocide, the Greek Genocide and the Assyrian Genocide took place which, between 1913 and 1924, caused the death of 2.000.000. 1.300.000 of Armenians, 750.000 Greeks and XNUMX Assyrians?

Do you realize that, in the light of all that has been stated above, your accusations directed at us Europeans today are absolutely ridiculous and your claims to moralize us outlandish?

Beyond the propaganda shots, it is necessary to note that, in the geopolitical and military fields, you continue to be industrious. Despite the fact that the Turkish economy is sinking and the noose of post-dated checks is inexorably tightening around your neck, as already extensively described in one of my previous analyzes, you do not give up, and instead of seriously addressing the problem of reform of the economic system is betting everything on geopolitical and military adventurism at 360 degrees, thus thinking of diverting internal problems by means of the weapon of nationalism. Don't you realize that this is exactly the path that countless dictators before you have already traveled by crashing into themselves and their countries?

On the eve of the Second World War and with Italy already virtually annihilated in its economic capacity by the international sanctions following the outbreak of the Ethiopian War and the involvement in the Spanish Civil War, during a rally, the dictator Benito Mussolini stated: "In the dilemma between butter and cannons, let's choose cannons! ". Now, with an economic growth forecast for 2020 of at least -4%, a rating that all international agencies describe as "garbage", a 13,9% of the population living below the poverty line, a 9,3 % living on less than $ 5,5 a day and a further 39,8% at risk of poverty and social exclusion, you are essentially saying to your "subjects": "In the dilemma between butter and drones, let's choose drones!" . Those same drones that you have sold and are selling in large numbers everywhere, especially to your brother in Baku, and which in your common plans should serve you to definitively carry out that genocide against the Armenian people that the Young Turks before and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk later failed to bring it to completion. And now, after having involved his country in wars as costly as they are useless in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and the South Caucasus, after even trying to free the Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia from Russian influence , You are now preparing the "Great Coup" in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Southern Balkan Peninsula, which in your plans and that of that political class of zealous fascists of all parties, including the opposition, that surround you, should bring Western Thrace, the Halkidiki Peninsula, Thessaloniki, a good half of the Greek Aegean islands and the entire island of Cyprus under the control of Turkey in order to allow your country to re-deploy that naval power that we Italians own we annihilated during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912 and which you Turks have never regained since then.

You Mr. President are playing with fire and, although the propaganda of your regime does not miss the opportunity to associate your figure with that of the Ottoman sultan and caliph Abdülhamid II, the truth is that, with each passing day, you risk instead of end up like another Ottoman leader: Ismail Enver Pasha, whose memory is still cursed by millions, even in his own country.

In fact, I confess that I have no serious hope that you will be able to atone for your sins and redeem yourself, but I must give history the benefit of the doubt. And if you intend to follow the road of imperialism and war to the end, like any "Honest Dictator", then I just have to remind you that, as a popular proverb of the area of ​​Italy from which I come says: " No banquet, under this sky, lasts forever ”.

Andrea Gaspardo

Photo: presidency of the republic of Turkey