Letter to the director: "Counter-current considerations on the Crimean crisis"


As always, the chronicle pressures analysis and planning. The incipit of this reflective moment stems from the awareness of the fact that the everyday is true and perhaps the only engine of change and innovation.

What has been happening in the Crimea in the last few hours has revived a debate that is now considered dormant or, worse still, anachronistic about the opportunity or not to equip the States with the appropriate tools to face a certain and symmetrical threat. In truth, no information body reports this debate, however, amid the mists of the press releases re-launched in the diplomatic offices and one cannot decipher the increasing desire to protect their respective interests through the threat or the concrete possibility of using military force.

The international events of the contemporary time seem to reawaken the needs and wills always alive of nations like Russia, in fact a minimum of memory shows us how already the events occurred in Georgia in 2008 and the consequent 'querelle' on Ossetia and Abkazia provoked the same reactions, however, already at the time the conflictual dimension and the related accumulation of tension could be traced back to the usual US project of "anti-missile shield" to be deployed in Poland (or in Ukraine appropriately brought back under Western control).

This continuous push and pull seems out of the world, especially almost thirty years after the end of the east-west opposition, in reality it is precisely the US will to guarantee itself the chance of the "first strike" against the only still credible nuclear competitor periodically generate similar crises because they share the same goal and therefore the same objectives. New Cold War scenarios could be hypothesized, not at all, more likely lack of foresight and approximation in the management of international relations. The collapse of the Soviet giant was too sudden to be painless in terms of global stability, nor can it be considered that an entire ruling class has renounced political dynamics rooted over the centuries.

The crumbs given by the West to Yeltsin's Russia would never have been able to appease the ancestral hunger of a people that is in the state with the greatest territorial extension in the world, however, sitting on one of the major deposits of natural gas known today. a knowledge of frustrated global power must be added that has always gripped the Russian ruling class squeezed between east and west.

These lines could appear to be an apologetic forcing, in reality, as far as argued up to now, the greatest forcing seems to be that made by some European chancelleries and the usual United States. Heavy communication errors are taking place in recent days, especially towards Putin. , portrayed as a dictator with no contact with reality, an ambiguous individual divided between Nazism and pushed Stalinism, in short, a clear choice was made to overcome the diplomatic approach and force the rules of international law. This choice may appear to pay off immediately, especially against an ignorant and drugged public opinion, such as the Western one, however it will produce its negative effects in the medium and long term, that is when the historical truth will emerge in all its petty dimension. . The answers of history cannot ignore Warsaw's interests in recovering the Polish-majority Western Ukrainian territories, so as to solve two problems: placing US launchers out of their metropolitan territory and creating an effective buffer against the Russians, guaranteed by NATO. Not even Germany (economic locomotive of Europe?) Will be able, upon examination of history, to deny that it needs the Ukrainian workers, having squeezed to the last drop of blood those of half of Europe, as well as of the vast market of Kiev, an emerging economy which to steal hopes and ambitions in the name of a near future austerity.

Regarding the end in the US nothing new on the horizon, scoff and spy on Europe, they still fear, or perhaps it would be better to say again, Russia and therefore intend to relegate it to Asian regional power, perhaps to be exploited at will to keep engaged the Chinese "dragon" in the name of old grudges thus ensuring freedom of maneuver for if in a Pacific still to be exploited.

In all this, what does Crimea have to do with it?

For the west it is a peninsula that is a bit bad, to reread the story thousands of dead have bloodied that strip of land, as to the Russians is the means to discover the cards of a game hypocritically played with Washington for control of ' Europe in a regurgitation of Geopolitik and will of power, ghosts of a past that returns, but that this hypnotized world denies enveloped as it is in a system characterized by a nihilism capable of narcotizing the minds first and then the minds.

Andrea Pastore