The minister meets Cocer: 977 million euros for 80 euro bonuses and career reordering


Meeting on the evening of February 8 in Rome between the Cocer Interforze and the Minister of Defense. The government unlocks the resources and makes it available to the sector Defense and Security € 977 million for the € 80 bonus and reorganization of careers.

Certainly an absolute positive figure, expected for over twenty years. During the session there was talk of personnel enlisted pursuant to law 958/86 which falls within the provision, shortening of careers and osmosis between roles through internal competitions with more streamlined procedures and with reserved seats, transitional regime and the 80 euro bonus confirmed for 2017 in the same manner as in 2016 and made structural from 2018.

On the sidelines, the numerous staff problems due to the NOIPA salary processing system were discussed with the minister and rapid solutions were guaranteed.

Now work is being done to harmonize the requests of the Cocer with the needs of the administration - say the Cocer delegates in a note - putting into effect the promises of the Minister and the Chief of Staff of Defense which guaranteed transparency and participation of the military representation in such a delicate tidying process.

The delegates of the Cocer Interforze state this
Antelfergio Belfiori and Alfio Messina