Igea: the Armed Forces lined up against Covid but with no money in their pockets


THEHygiea operation is the intervention plan implemented by the Ministry of Defense to increase the daily ability to swab in our country, in order to identify the largest number of Covid positives.

Igea it consists of approx 1400 unit, located in 200 team able to perform up to 30.000 pads per day.

The Teams of 200 Drive-through-Defense (DTD) are composed of 1 doctor, 2 nurses, 2 drivers and 2 Carabinieri or staff of the State Police.

Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini he greeted the operation with enthusiasm, highlighting how the Defense is "in the field since the beginning of this emergency and immediately made available all its capabilities and means. Even in this phase, the men and women of all the Armed Forces will continue to work at the service of citizens with commitment and determination". Military health, with its specificities in the medical and research fields has "demonstrated in recent months its importance and strategic value and this further support, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will allow us to guarantee an even more widespread control over the territory".

Perfect. Commendable words for the efforts made by these young people of ours. So why in the decree Refreshments bis there is no increase also for the Armed Forces, given their commitment, while for the Police Forces already the Refreshments one has made provision for large sums.

There is not even more to be indignant, given the blatant preferences that are made between the apparatuses of different ministries (the Armed Forces for the Defense and the Police For the Interior). At this point, a different question must be asked: how much are the Police Forces and how much are they worth (in economic and prestige terms) compared to the other Armed Forces?

Given the funds allocated, we would have to say a lot. Too much (?) Who knows. The fact is that while the Interior toasts the new appropriations, the Defense remains at the window waiting for who knows what. Maybe a joy? Then he will have to wait a long time, because if you do not intervene and do not make the big voice, in Italy (unfortunately), nothing is achieved. Also because, it seems that the Defense is scraping the bottom of the barrel in order to guarantee its staff the right remuneration (extraordinary et similia). If the indiscretion were true, it would be a very serious fact, since the differences in economic treatment with the Police Forces would not only be huge, but the gap would widen more and more, by virtue of the fact that for Igea the Armed Forces do not they perceive the bill of a penny. Not to mention that the Police Forces would not draw on their budget, given the allocations to rain, while the Armed Forces of "extra" see only the work that needs to be done.

In all this chaos, the calm tones of the minister's English lord Guerini they screech a little. Every now and then beating your fists (metaphorically) helps. It serves to avoid putting your feet on your head. It serves not to always pass for the bottom of the class. It serves to avoid having to make (with the same work) the figure of "fools" who toil for a handful of rice (always metaphorically).

Letter signed