"What is the Coast Guard doing on the high seas?", The official reply


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport General Command of the Port Authority Corps - Coast Guard

Role and functions of the Coast Guard today


The General Command of the Corps of Port Authorities, regarding some spontaneous and autonomous declarations by individuals belonging to the Corps, reported, above all recently, from newspapers and printed newspapers and the web, concerning the organization and functions of the Corps of the port captains - Coast Guard, reiterates with extreme, absolute firmness as the exercise of specialized tasks and related responsibilities attributed to it in its own matters (command of ports, security of maritime transport and ports, safeguarding human life at sea, safety of navigation, protection of the marine environment, surveillance and control over fishing activities) qualify the commitment of its staff, in full, loyal adherence to the directives of the Ministers of reference, with full satisfaction of the same and of the users of the maritime world and port.

The body responds, today, a lean and modern organizational model, a synthesis between security and development and productivity, placing itself as a reference point for millions of citizens, users and operators, custodians of values ​​of legality and interests linked to the protection of important collective assets, in sectors of the first for maritimeity and the national port system, the cornerstone of a process of growth of the sea economy that sees in the Port Authorities the synthesis of the functions with respect to which the Corps holds specific guarantee positions.

The functions of maritime and judicial police are carried out with the use of individual protection devices proportional to the nature of the mission that the operators are required to carry out, in line with the regulatory framework on the legitimate use of deterrence and coercion means; they further enhance the criterion of specialization. And within these limits legitimately carried out, they constitute added value for the same tasks indicated above which require, in an increasingly marked way, a thorough professional preparation in those specific sectors - mentioned above (ports, transport safety, environment, use of fish resources , etc ...) - proper to the life of the country, as it happens today in the most modern police organizations, both national and European, dedicated to specialization.

The current organizational model used by the Corps for carrying out the aforementioned functions is the expression of a moment of excellence, also ratified at the conclusion of the European Coast Guard Services Forum, held last year during the Presidency semester Italian Union.

Any further question, object, in an equally autonomous way of the statements cited and different from those treated above, as not appropriate or required form of support which, in a disorderly manner, interferes with the powers of the political leadership of the Corps and with the exercise of this function falls within the exclusive appreciation of the heads of the relevant Dicasteries and does not involve the top of the Corps to which the technical guidance of it is entrusted. Nor can these issues be the subject of individual initiatives towards whose conduct the General Command is openly dissociated.

(Rome, 6 March 2015)

General command of the Corps of Harbor Offices Area Commander General External Relations Office