Military contract: "the government through the decree missions implement a first concrete action in favor of our personnel"


In line with the mandate received from the staff, the Cocer Marina in the session of the contract table on Thursday 11 January 2018, at Palazzo Vidoni, jointly with the Cocer Aeronautica, firmly reiterated the negotiating role of the Military Representation as well as the methodological need to achieve a single agreement agreed (in accordance with the provisions of the 7 article 7 paragraph of the 195 / 95 Law) concerning the economic contract, the regulatory contract and the use of funds for the specificity envisaged by the 2017 Budget Law.
In this regard, the forfettizzazione of working hours in navigation is the main problem to be addressed by law. The remuneration currently envisaged does not keep the actual hourly commitment on board, due to the complexity of the operation of a Naval Unit during operational navigation, which is prolonged for weeks without stopping.
One of the obstacles to the necessary change in remuneration at sea is the 145 / 2016 Law and we believe that on the occasion of the forthcoming Missions Decree a first essential intervention is possible with the modification of articles. 5 and 6, whose implementation penalizes the staff employed for months at sea for the carrying out of international missions essential for the security and interests of the country.
It is up to the Government to give this signal to the men and women of the Navy and the Coast Guard, concrete action after the moral proximity shown to the Defense personnel on the occasion of the year-end wishes sent on Christmas Eve by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense from Nave Etna's flight deck.