CIA Army Mafia, evidence emerges

(To Giuseppe Barcellona)

In 1942 the war was hanging on the part of the Nazi-fascists, US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not sleep quietly; Hitler's submarines were set out just outside Hudson Bay's ready to sneak any convoy from America to support overseas allies, the people of the big apple looked worried about the cluster of scrap metal and oily residues that stretched all over the bay, a testimony to the military effectiveness of the Nazis, probably supported by an effective spy network of German immigrants, and especially Italians, especially those of Sicilian origin who had in hand the fishing fleet of the harbor.

When there was a fire inside the bay at the transatlantic Normandy (photo), the president went on a rampage, summoned the commander of the Navy Haffenden and was categorical: "At any cost we have to change the course of the war."

Haffenden summoned intelligence informants who unanimously pointed to them eat spaghetti who were responsible for recent war events, were to supply the U-Boot Nazis just outside US territorial waters and almost every Sicilian fisherman to provide directions on the departure date of the various trains.

The New York port was all in the hands of the Sicilian mafia, Lucky Luciano (opening photo), the chief of the mammals, had been arrested and severe measures had been taken against the criminal organization that could boast hundreds of thousands of affiliates and supporters in all over North America; this was the revenge of the Syrian Americans towards the US government.

Haffenden immediately opened a channel with Lucky Luciano and came to a secret agreement; the spy network was immediately dismantled and no German submarine approached the Hudson River; in exchange for the black hand American saw the loosening of central government loosened.

Thus began the unification of the US intelligence mafia-services and when the following summer had to plan the allied landing in Europe, the US military summits had no doubt about the choice; in Sicily the Mafia families had solid roots and anxiously waited for the end of fascism to return to the splendor of a time; when Lucky Luciano called a collection of all the families of America and Sicily was a plebiscite of consensus and the landing, planned by the Yankee with the help of thousands of little boys was a success.

In return for this support, the US government promised the government of the island, the appointment of mayors, officials, administrators belonging to mafia families; a sign of gratitude to the godfathers but also the establishment of an American outpost in the Mediterranean in anticipation of the dispute with the Soviet Union of Stalin.

It was the times when Winston Churchill's right arm called Marshal Tito "A mascalzone, but our mascalzone" and the British leader dismissed the claims of one of his officials about the future of the Balkans so "He is about to move to Yugoslavia in next years?"

In short, at any cost, it was necessary to stop the red progression in Europe, so the Christian Democracy Christian mafia was born in Italy, an anti-communist project constantly supported by the various stars and stripes governments that would last until the fall of the Berlin Wall; in this secret (but not so much) operation that lasted nearly forty years, Americans experienced the techniques of infiltration in a foreign country, then extended to other nations where Americans have extended their influence, often with more brilliant military actions.

In Italy, thanks to the mafia, they have managed to get to politics, and today many wonder how it was possible to have such a close relationship between two realities that in theory would have been antithetical, after years of admissions by CIA men , and in some cases the documents that prove this burning truth are popped up.

William Colby, former head of the CIA in an interview with Gianni Bisiach, acknowledged the incredible mistake of the American government that has tightened relations too close to the Italian criminal organization, negatively affecting the country's history, especially Sicily.

"We have been in contact with the mafia, this was a terrible mistake"The exhilarating admission of the former CIA chief rewrites the story, the enormous power granted to the mafia in the post-war era was the cultivation ground of a plethora of criminals who bleed the island of the Mediterranean by neglecting its development and history, the Bontate, the Riina, the Provenzano, the Badalamenti, the Leggings, are formed in those years of impunity guaranteed by law by the Italian state.

Yes, by law, today we can affirm it.

Sepulved between dust crames, forgotten (deliberately) in secret archives, re-emerges from the past the incriminating document, the one that condemned Sicily and with it Italy to a forty-year mafia and a union between institutions and the underworld and of which we still can not get rid of it today, because after Christian Democracy a businessman from Milan came and the successors of those involved in endless corruption scandals seem to be the continuing ideals of a story that began many years ago.

The President of the Commission Antimafia Carraro spoke about the 20 coming to 1974 addressing the Foreign Minister Aldo Moro: "The commission was informed of the existence of a document, hitherto not made public, that would be annexed to the 16 article of the armistice treaty (long armistice) stipulated in the 1943 between Italy and the allied powers. Since this document, which would contain indications of many mafia elements to which impunity would be ensured, is of enormous interest in reconstructing the mafia phenomenon in Sicily ... the Commission has deliberated to acquire it in the acts".

Reference is made to the armory signed by Badoglio and Eisenhower on 29 September 1943 in Malta, but from research in the archives that followed it revealed the strange lack of this post, obviously since then no longer talked about, Carraro's career was torn instantly.

But in the peace treaty signed in Paris in February 1947, the article 16 imposed by the United States states: "Italy will not pursue, disturb the citizens Italians, especially the members of the Armed Forces, for the fact that they had, during the period between 10 and 1940, the date of the entry into force of this Treaty, expressed sympathy for the cause of the Allied and Associated Powers or to have acted in favor of that case. "

The reference to civilians and not to the military alone leaves no doubt, these are the mafiosi and all the plethora of Masonic, former fascists and anti-communists gathered by American intelligence in the anti-communist plot.

The impunity enjoyed by the mafia is soon explained, the same impunity that today has inherited Italian politicians, especially those involved in corruption-related scandals; so it does not have to surprise the boss of Italic things, in Italy impunity is law, our country is a vast criminal area where Americans in the middle of the century and multinationals are now undisturbed undisturbed.

In the postwar years, the CIA (established by Truman in 1947, reforming theOffice of Strategic Services, ed) fidelizzato the picciotti the mafia also in other military and paramilitary operations, the famous operation Mongoose also known as The Cuban Project where it is proved the involvement of a small army of picciotti who were supposed to wipe away Fidel Castro; the operation failed miserably and John Fitzgerald Kennedy abandoned the American Siculians on the island who were subsequently repatriated in exchange for food, tractors and medicines.

The mafia tied it to her finger. In the reconstruction of Gianni Bisiach in his book "The President, the long story of a short life" the evidence linking the assassination of both Kennedy to the Sicilian mala is evident, especially in the figures of the bosses Sam Giancana and Charles Nicoletti; these are two-legged characters in the CIA appropriately removed from the middle along with countless witnesses who died in strange circumstances shortly before deposing in courtrooms.

We arrive at the Golpe Borghese in Italy in the 1970, there is evidence of the involvement of the mafia in the military operation of the failed coup, undeniable evidence in the book by Camillo Arcuri, Coup d'Etat; there is talk of thousands of armed guys fully armed; from who?

We arrive at the 92 massacre, two Sicilian magistrates were coming to the high spheres of the mafia state union, the explosive used in both the massacres was military and American or English production; another incredible coincidence.