29 happened March 1906: Calabria arrives in Yokohama


ram torpedo boat Calabria (commander, frigate captain Enrico Marenco di Moriondo) on a circumnavigation voyage arrives in Yokohama from Australia after stopping in anchorages and ports in New Guinea, the island of Ceram, the Celebes, and Labuan (Borneo) rich in vivid Salarian reminiscences (Emilio Salgari, The pearl of Labuan), and in Manila.

During the stop, at the invitation of the Emperor, the ensign Ferdinand of Savoy-Genoa, Prince of Udine, accompanied by the commander, will be a guest in Tokyo of the Sovereign until the day 7 in the imperial palace of Kasumigaseki.

The unit will resume the sea on April 16 after the execution of small jobs and fairing and stop in Kobe, Miyajima and Nagsaki, then making a course for the Chinese waters.

Source: Military Navy