27 happened March 1889: The cruiser Cristoforo Colombo sets sail for the Red Sea


The cruiser Cristoforo Colombo, in command of the frigate captain Inigo Suardo Guevara leaves Venice for an important diplomatic mission in the Red Sea.

Together with the gunboat Sebastiano Veniero (commander, captain of corvette Gaetano Cassanello) and the schooner Miseno (commander, vessel lieutenant Raffaele Marselli) he will go to Hodeida (Arabian peninsula) to complete negotiations with the local Ottoman governor about the alleged repairs for an abusive treatment suffered by the local Italian consular agent.

Thanks to the firm position and determination of Commander Guevara who will not hesitate to notify an ultimatum with the threat of bombing the city, repairs will be immediately obtained.

Following the successful conclusion of the dispute, the units will continue for Massaua and after completing various missions in the Red Sea, the Veniero (commander, captain of frigate Michele Devoto) will return to Naples on June 15 followed two months later by Colombo.

Source: Military Navy