19 occurred February 1880: Radiata the battleship Messina


armored frigate Messina is removed from the Regio Naviglio framework. Born as a propeller pan, during the works, with the application of 110 mm iron plates, it was classified as a 1st order armored pyrocrat, then, on July 1, 1877, a 2nd class armored frigate, belonged to the Principe di Carignano class ; built in the shipyard of Castellammare di Stabia, it was launched on 20 December 1864 and entered service in February 1867.

It had a displacement of 4313 tons with 6 cylindrical boilers that developed a nominal HP 600 power for a speed of 12 knots.

The unit during its existence performed a normal team service; was present in Civitavecchia in September of the 1870 during the Rome liberation campaign.

With the rapid evolution of the armored ship, it was not convenient to think of a possible modernization to prolong its existence, this explains the short life it had between the Navy of the Regia Marina.

Source: Military Navy