16 occurred February 1893: Lombardy enters service


command of the frigate captain Michele Zattera enters service in Naples the torpedo boat ram Lombardia, of the homonymous class of seven units, also known as class "Regions", built in the yard of Castellammare di Stabia with setting on the airport the 19 January 1888 and launching the 12 July 1890.

The good evidence provided by the "Armstrong" type protected cruisers (Dogali and Bausan) advised Minister Brin to entrust the then 1st class chief engineer of the Naval Engineers Edoardo Masdea with the design of a new protected cruiser based on the aforementioned original British type. due account of the needs of the Navy in relation to its planned employment in missions to protect compatriots in areas distant from the motherland.

Since these ships were therefore destined to long cruises, habitability and autonomy were much better treated (4.000 miles at 10 knots) with an increase in displacement (2.400 t), with a decrease in speed (17 knots) and with a limited armament (four cannons from 152 and six from 120). On the whole, these units proved to be suitable for the purposes that had inspired their construction, the stationary service overseas, while they were absolutely unsuitable for team service due to their poor protection and speed, which was not foreseen.

Source: Military Navy