16 occurred April 1869: Vedetta warning comes into service


between the 2a Class Watchdog propeller warning. Set in the 1862 at the Foce shipyard (Genoa) and launched 24 October 1866 was part of the "Persano" program was the first military ship with an iron hull built in an Italian shipyard.

A continuous bridge, with shapes very reminiscent of the British sloops of the period, it displaced 828 t, had three masts armed with a brig and a large sail area; was equipped with an alternative engine powered by two boilers, built by Officine Ansaldo of Sampierdarena, one of the first built under license by the national industry, of 200 hp with a maximum speed of 9 knots, but not high autonomy - only 1000 miles - , a feature that will weigh heavily in the course of future ocean campaigns.

The rather weak armament (a 7,5 cm cannon) will be subsequently upgraded.

Source: Military Navy