14 occurred February 1912: 200 shots fired by the Grenadier in the Italo-Turkish war


At dawn, in the Red Sea, the destroyer Granatiere (commander, corvette captain Roberto Petrelluzzi) resumed shooting against troop concentrations along the coasts of Yemen and following orders received from the nearby torpedo boat Calabria, shifts his action field further south, in the area of ​​the Bab el Mandeb strait against coastal targets.

They are fired over 200 shots.

The day before, in front of Moka (Bab el Mandeb strait), while the ship's launcher is about to reach an elder stopped for the visit, from the ground it is made the subject of rifle salvation to which the Italian unit responds with the fire of its weapons then directing the shot against the locality and a nearby encampment.

[The declaration of war on Turkey was delivered on 29 1911 September and hostilities began at 17: 00; the signing of the peace treaty was the 18 October 1912. At the end of the hostilities Italy counted 3451 dead and 4221 wounded; Turkish losses were estimated in 14800 units]

Source: Military Navy