12 occurred April 1912: Turkish-Arab troops repelled with airships


NFLITTO ITALO-TURCO 1911-1912 - Turkish-Arab formations attack the Italian positions on the Macabez peninsula rejected by the fire of the troops and by the action of the two airships P.2 (commander, lieutenant of the vessel Salvatore Denti of Pirajno) and P.3 (commander, Lieutenant Guido Scelsi.).

For the balloons, refueling operations at sea (hydrogen, bombs and fuel) were put in place by the steamship Heracles at anchor, with risk for the two aircraft due to bad weather.

In this cycle of aerial actions the vessel lieutenant Guido Scelsi, in particular, was the first to carry out an aerial bombardment with airship, as mentioned in the motivation of the concession of the knight's cross of the military order of Savoy.

Source: Military Navy