11 May 1908 Happened: First radiotelephony experiments


pezia with the participation of the torpedo boat schoolmaster Castelfidardo at anchor in the harbor, of the former auxiliary ship Eridano (radiata), at the bottom of the Varignano dockyard and the torpedo boat cruiser Partenope during navigation, the first radiotelephony experiments with apparatuses take place developed by the American physicist Lee De Forest installed on each of the three units.

RTF communications are established and maintained between the Eridano and the Partenope while sailing towards Genoa up to a distance of just under 19 miles. Subsequently connections are established between the three ships at anchor.

[Lee De Forest (born in Council Bluffs on August 26 1873 and died in Hollywood on 30 June 1961) was a scientist and inventor who patented more than 300 inventions in the fields of radiotelegraphy, radiotelephony, radio, sound film and television .

His most important invention in the Western Electric laboratory in Chicago was the triode (1906), which he initially called audion]

Source: Military Navy