May 09 happened 1915: Seaplanes for aerial explorations


seaplane-carrying ship Elba (commander, captain of pilot frigate Ludovico de Filippi) is transferred from Taranto to Brindisi with the mission to employ the aircraft of endowment in tasks of aerial exploration in favor of the Naval Army in the Low Adriatic even if the reduced amount of transportable seaplanes will represent one of the main limits for a continuous and therefore effective service.

Also, a special voluntary enlistment of six months per aviator is granted to the entire 31 December to soldiers on leave of the CRE who have completed 17 years, do not have military obligations and are in possession of 1 ° license of airplane pilot released or approved from the Aero Club of Italy.

The rules for recruitment will be published later (20 May).

Source: Military Navy