08 May 1913 happened: Reinforcements for the Balkan war


to Anazzo Durazzo the armored cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi (commander, captain of vessel Ugo Rombo) to strengthen, with the cruisers Francesco Ferruccio and Varese already in place, the international naval force.

In this period a generalized resumption of hostilities is taking place throughout the Balkan peninsula (second Balkan war) and, specifically, in Albania.

The Albanian notables led by Ismail Quemal proclaim independence and constitute the new Albanian state whose crown, following the Conference of ambassadors in London that they choose from within a shortlist of four candidates, will be entrusted to the German prince, a kinsman of the Kaiser , William of Wied. (Wilhelm Friederich Henrich zu Wied), while the clashes between the opposing factions continue. Meanwhile, an international commission of admirals is in charge of the provisional government.

[The candidates considered by the Conference of Ambassadors in London (30 May 1913) were contained within a shortlist of four names: Giovanni V Castriota Scandemberg marquis d'Auletta, Prince Ghica, Prince Napoleon, son of Gerolamo and of Clotilde of Savoy and Prince William Wied]

Source: Military Navy