07 January 1912 Happened: Attach Italian Units to Cunfida


Garibaldino destroyers and Artillery patrolling along the Asir coast at Cunfida (Al Qunfudhah) are made a sign by the fire of Turkish coastal batteries to which is also added that of some units at the bottom which recalls the nearby Piedmont cruiser .

The three Italian ships in the ensuing combat destroy seven of the eight gunboats (Ajutab, Ordon, Costamuni, Refakie, Moka, Bafra, Quenkeche) making up the Ottoman flotilla of Commodore Hamid Bey; the eighth unit, the armed yacht Shipka (formerly French Fauvette), is captured and will be taken to Massawa where, renamed Cunfida, it will become part of the Red Sea naval force.

With the elimination of the Turkish flotilla, security is returned to Eritrea, which had initially been assessed to some extent threatened; Cooperation develops with the rebel Arab leader Idriss (who had been provided with weapons and ammunition) to the point of supporting with his ships his forces attacking Turkish departments camped in fortified points on the coast.

Source: MM