05 May 1877 happened: First attempt of torpedo ship


to serve the torpedo boat Pietro Micca in Venice. Built in the Arsenale of Venice with setting on the airport in the 1875 and launching the 1 ° August 1876; of the 574 t displacement, equipped with an alternative steam-powered 571 hp engine powered by a coal-fired boiler, had a speed of 17,5 knots and was armed with only six 356 mm torpedo launchers.

Considered as the first attempt that will lead to the solution of the torpedo unit, it had little, short and irrelevant use. Under the command of vessel lieutenant Antonio Marsich, the 5 July will go to Spezia to carry out experiments and tests under the supervision of the Permanent Commission for experiments on war material.

[The torpedo, at the beginning, was very appreciated for its possibilities of use in coastal waters against blocking naval forces or for offensive actions against the coast. From this arose the need to have torpedo units characterized by: small dimensions, minimal displacement, low on the sea, fast, not very visible, capable of operating with characteristics of high maneuverability in coastal waters. Italy, given the enormous natural extension of coasts, in an attempt to defend itself from possible attacks, began to think of the need to build units that could counteract the action of the torpedo boats. Like the English, who were the first, the Italians also started the construction of future destroyers with Pietro MICCA]

Source: Military Navy