04 May 1914 happened: The revolution and the Royal Navy


cruiser Calabria (commander, frigate captain Carlo Spagna), stationary ship in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, leaves Mogadishu for the Antilles sent by the ministry to give protection to compatriots following the serious political turmoil following the war between Mexico and States United.

After completing the mission, the unit will repatriate the 8 September to Augusta.

The Americas are left without Italian naval presence due to the now imminent war.

[The revolution in Mexico (1910-1920), a bloody series of civil and social conflicts, caused by the widespread discontent among the peasants (peons) and urban middle classes due to the thirty-year-old oligarchic and dictatorial queens of general Porfirio Diaz, transformed it, gradually, in modern democracy. In the 1914, the United States of America intervened with the occupation of the port of Veracruz to foil the attempt by General Victoriano Huerta to restore the dictatorial state]

Source: Military Navy