November 6, 1881 - 2021: 140 years of history of the training of naval officers in the Naval Academy

(To Marina Militare)

140 years ago, on November 6, 1881, the Naval Academy was born, a training institute heir to the ancient traditions of the four Maritime Republics. The unification took place by the will of the then Minister of the Navy, Admiral Benedetto Brin, who accepted the wish of Count Camillo Benso di Cavour to create a single School for the training of Navy officers, with the aim of harmonizing the preparation of the officers of the Marine of the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Bourbon Kingdom.

After well over a century, the heart of the Institute remains the historic and unchanged Piazzale, which is crossed daily by more than 600 attendants of the pupils and officers brigade, who, taking up the inheritance of those who preceded them, are all now educated to a life of discipline, of dedication to duty and to the cult of the Fatherland and of Honor. Today, the students of the 1st class are present in the Academy Normal Courses, of the 18th Officers course in Fixed Stops and the 18th Complementary Pilots Officer Student Course, who are about to swear allegiance to the nation on the occasion of the next Solemn Oath on December 1st. 

The anniversary of the birth of the Naval Academy takes on particular importance this year, because it immediately follows the centenary of the entry into force of the armistice of Villa Giusti, which on November 4, 1918 put an end to the hostilities of the Great War.

The Company of Honor of the Naval Academy in fact attended the Ceremony at the Altare della Patria in Rome, while the students and officers brigade commemorated in Livorno, in the Piazzale of the Institute, the values ​​bequeathed by those who have suffered and are died in the fulfillment of their duties, including the 1.400 officers of the Navy who consecrated, with the sacrifice of their lives, the ideals to which they were trained in the Naval Academy.