24 OCTOBER 1910: devastation in Campania

(To Marina Militare)

Monday - A violent storm drops in the morning on the Gulf of Naples, causing collapses and devastation with more than a hundred victims: the most affected areas are the island of Ischia (17 dead) and the Amalfi coast - Cetara (111 dead) and Maiori (18 dead) among the most damaged.

Immediate intervention by the Navy: the torpedo boat cruiser Urania, the 134 S coastal torpedo boat and the Guardian gunboat that will be followed in the following days by other units sent from Gaeta, Civitavecchia and La Spezia, rush to the scene for first aid. they will be divided among the various affected areas: battleship Naples, ram torpedoed Coatit, warning Marcantonio Colonna, torpedo boats Olimpia, Pegasus, Orpheus, Pallas, Swan, Canopus, Serpent, 98 S, 127 S and Hercules tugboat.

In particular, the high-seas torpedo boats Orfeo and Olimpia will embark in the evening at Anzio the King, the Duke of Aosta and the Minister of Public Works Ettore Sacco who will take them to Naples for the 26 and 27, to transfer them to the places affected by the violent natural calamity, of which the King wanted to take direct vision. The last units will leave the Gulf area between 1 and November 8.

Humanitarian mission that immediately finds the Navy in the front line to operate the first aid to the affected populations in the locality that the devastation to the road made access to land difficult. Transport of rescuers, evacuation of the wounded, research under the rubble of any survivors, were the operations in which the sailors participated with altruism and sacrifice. Another page of meritorious activity of the Navy ascribed to national recognition.

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