23 December 1916: Delivered the Audace destroyer

(To Marina Militare)

Saturday - The destroyer is delivered to the R. Marina in Glasgow Boldness, the only unit of the class, built in the local Yarrow yard of Scotstown with setting on the airport the 1 ° October 1913 and launch the 27 last September.

This unit that had been commissioned from the aforementioned shipyard by the Japanese Imperial Navy that gave it its name Japanese destroyer Kawakaze, following agreements between the Italian government and the Japanese government in July, 1916, while it was under construction, was purchased by R. Marina under the same conditions that the Yarrow shipyards had agreed for the Japanese destroyer Kawakaze and the twin Urakaze. The 5 July was named after her Intrepid, subsequently (25 September) changed to Boldness.

This destroyer differed from the others already in service in the Navy both for the decidedly larger dimensions, both in relation to the main characteristics and to the different on-board arrangements. Of high displacement, 1250 t, a very sturdy hull in high-strength steel and with very thick sheets, very well compartmentalized, the artillery armament that was not installed in Glasgow but in Naples, when 9 came in January 1917, consisted of seven single 102 / 35 systems, and two anti-aircraft 40 / 39 machine guns and four 450 mm twin-side torpedo launchers. the engine apparatus was configured on two turbines Brown-Curtiss from 22.000 hp powered by three boilers with a speed of 30 knots.

It proved to be a robust unit, of safe operation and reliability and of good marine qualities. Completed of the Italian armament, in March of the 1917, after a brief period of training in the lower Tyrrhenian, he moved to Brindisi, his operational location.