22 December 1863: The Magenta corvette enters service

(To Marina Militare)

Tuesday - The corvette of 1 ° order to Magica propeller goes into service in Genoa. The unit will play preliminary training in the Ligurian waters and then move to Naples, where it will be assigned.

Indoor battery unit set in September of the 1859 in the Medici arsenal of Livorno for the Tuscan Navy based on a project by Ing. Micheli; due to the political and military events of the 1859-1860 the construction had been suspended but then resumed by the Regia Marina with the launch of the 17 July 1862 and then towed to Genoa by the Foce shipyards for the construction.

Of the displacement of 2712 t, with a wooden hull and a copper-clad hull, similar in size to those of the more recent frigates, it was armed with three square sail masts and bowsprit with bows and equipped with an auxiliary steam machine of the power of 500 hp capable of imparting a speed of over 12 knots. The telescopic funnel was re-entered during sailing, while the two-bladed propeller could be suspended and re-entered in a special well under the aft vault. The armament consisted of 20 cannons of various caliber.

Among the most robust and spacious for the internal distribution of the premises, it was considered especially suitable for long journeys although it lacked nautical qualities under sail. With this it will be one of the best wooden ships in the fleet.