16 October 1916: Delivered the first submarine class "H"

(To Marina Militare)

Monday - In Montreal the submarine H 1 of the “H” class on eight units, under the command of the lieutenant captain Ugo Perricone, is delivered to the Royal Navy. Built by the Canadian Electric Boat Co. (branch of the more famous US company of the same name, opened in Canada to circumvent the problem of American neutrality), it was set up at the port on May 31 and launched today.

After the tests and the initial training in Halifax, the "H" assigned to Italy made the crossing of the Atlantic, which represented for them an excellent test, in three groups supported by merchant ships that accompanied them to Gibraltar and from there escorted by Italian military units.

They were of the simple hull type with double internal bottoms, with circular sections and extreme hemispherical caps. These were the classic US autonomous submarines of that period which proved to be very valid for operational activities in narrow seas and near the bases. They proved to be excellent underwater units, very rational, of simple construction, of good habitability, of high speed and of considerable autonomy in immersion; in short, good submarines that gave excellent performance in service and had an exceptionally long life. The H 1, part of the first group of units, arrived in Messina in March of the 1917.

[On 18 the second submarine of the "H" class is delivered in Montreal, the H 2 under the command of vessel lieutenant Guido Bacci. Built by Electric Boat Co. with setting up at the 31 airport in May and launched today, the boat, after testing and initial training in Halifax, will be transferred to Italy and arrive in Messina in March of the 1917].