15 December 1905 The first submarine torpedo boat enters service

(To Marina Militare)

Friday - The submarine Glauco enters service in Venice, the first unit of the homonymous class of five boats, defined in the nomenclature of the time as "submarine torpedo boats". Set up at the port of the Venice Arsenal on 1 August 1903 and launched on 9 July 1905, it is the first example of mass production of submarines for the Regia Marina.

The designer is the major of the Genio Navale Cesare Laurenti who applies innovative concepts that, from then on, characterize this type of construction as "Laurenti type". Like the submarines of many other Marinas, the Glauco has a hull with very refined extremities, suitable for surface navigation but less for underwater navigation, which reaches, however, levels higher than 30 meters.