14 October 1903: First naval connection to the radio station to the Italian legation in Beijing

(To Marina Militare)

Wednesday - The armored cruiser Vettor Pisani, flagship of the Oceanic Naval Division, navigating the South China Sea between Ce-fu and Ta-ku. makes the first radio link with the recently installed Beijing RT station by the Navy in the Italian Legation complex.

The 18 day after the positive radio connection tests conducted with the Vettor Pisani in navigation, it is officially inaugurated in Beijing in the presence of foreign diplomatic bodies and high Chinese authorities, the RT station that operates within the Italian Legation.

The RT station, consisting of receiving and transmitting "Marconi" 1901 models transported together with other material by Vettor Pisani and installed and set up by the Lieutenant Mario Grassi assisted by the parigrado Salvatore Casano, official "E" of the Pisani, has the task of maintain the connection with the national naval units located or in transit in Chinese waters.

The tests continue until the 19 day to verify the RT range with the Vettor Pisani in navigation from Ta-ku to Ce-fu (engaged in escort to the national steamer Marco Minghetti with soldiers and sailors on board who repatriate).

The signals emitted by the Beijing RT station are clear up to 250 km and then slowly lose strength.

Separated to the cross of Ce-fu by the steamer, the Vettor Pisani, after a brief stop in that port, will sail to the Strait of Shimonoseki and crossing the inland sea of ​​Japan will enter Kobe the morning of the 26.