14 December 1911: The airships in the Italian-Turkish war

(To Marina Militare)

Thursday - The airships P.2 and P.3, of the so-called "semi-rigid" type, are deflated, disassembled and loaded in Naples on the steamer Toscana with destination Tripoli, where the construction of an airfield with two hangars is underway.

On the 16 day, a violent blubber destroys the two hangars of the aerooscope under construction and damages the airplane wrap.

The construction work is immediately resumed and the repair of the airships is promptly completed.

The two aeronautical vehicles can therefore carry out the first test ascension.

During the war, the first that sees the use of airplanes, the P2 and the P3 make a total of 128 missions; armed by mixed personnel of Navy and Army, they are employed in exploration, bombing and photographic reconnaissance operations, always managing to leave the range of enemy fire without serious damage.

From the two airships a photographic survey of Tripoli was made on 1 scale: 2000 comprising 500 13 x 18 photo format of a land area of ​​approximately 11 kmq.