13 December 1896: Admirals Committee established

(To Marina Militare)

Sunday - The new body has competence on issues related to mobilization, studies on Naval Forces and their preparation, maritime defense, regulations and maritime regulations, naval programs and cadres of personnel of the Corps of the Navy, for the which the Committee is to be considered as a special progress committee.

The Committee meets at the request of the Minister of the Navy and, in any case, at least three times a year. Its members are the vice-admirals, commander-in-chief of the maritime military departments, the commanders in chief of the Naval Forces present in the ports of the State, the vice-admirals of the autonomous military commanders and the head of the Ministry's Staff Office, the latter with the further functions of rapporteur.

The presidency is entrusted to an officer in the rank of admiral who, as inspector general of the R. Marina, can be invested by the Minister to direct the naval exercises in the case in which more naval formations and the inspection of the Naval Forces take part. maritime military establishments and schools. Among the most distinguished presidents of the Committee, Admiral Paolo Thaon di Revel, named 30 May 1920.