Sminiamo Tripoli for the Turks

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

Foreign Minister Di Maio flew to Tripoli (freed from the siege of the men of Haftar by the Turkish intervention) to meet Prime Minister al-Sarraj.

Italy offers its contribution for the elimination of the explosive devices left on the ground after the retreat of the Cyrenaica militias. Army engineers have accumulated extensive experience in the field of mine clearance in various international missions. However, the likely attempt by the Conte government, to trade the safety of our engineers for a new agreement on the management of migrants by the Tripolitania government, seems more than ever petty as well as politically useless.

The premier recognized al-Sarraj does not control the territory, the management of migrants is in the hands of criminal gangs composed mainly of Turkish militias supported by Ankara.

It is not clear how this further concession to the Turks could regain strategic positions for Italy in Libya. On the other hand, the naval units engaged in the mission Irini they are forced to ignore civilian merchant ships, escorted by Turkish ships, bound for the ports of Tripolitania.