Lavrov, Hitler, Israel and a tweet: the minister's infinite fool

(To David Rossi)

This tweet what you see is not the reaction of a keyboard lion, nor the post of a bored retiree who spends his days on social media instead of watching construction sites on the street nor the comment of a troll hired, but the official position via Twitter of the Russian Foreign Ministry. And he drops his arms ...

Let's read it together in Italian:

We drew attention to the anti-historical statements of the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry @yairlapid, extensively explaining the course of the current Israeli government in support of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

This is followed by an attempt to climb mirrors to demonstrate that a marginal phenomenon such as the presence of Jewish collaborators during the years of the Nazi occupation, in itself blames the current Ukrainian president, who - we remember - is of Jewish religion and origin, of the responsibility that the Kremlin attributes to him to justify the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

What to think? Three things come to mind that we share with readers: we will be brief so as not to bore you.

Primo, after having rewritten the history of the Orthodox Slavic peoples with his essay, scientifically dancer but politically very heavy, on the unity of Russians and Ukrainians, in 2021, now Putin is preparing to rewrite the history of Judaism and the Jewish question as well. A little too much for a gentleman who graduated after five years of law study with a thesis on “The Most Favored Nation Principle in International Law”.

Second, the nonsense about Hitler's Jewish origins said by Minister Lavrov, himself a graduate in international relations and never a professional researcher, is silenced in the text attached to the tweet, also because the minister has made a very poor figure with it on a global level. It was worth negotiating an interview without contradictory and then saying a fool?

Third, as Mr. Putin was able to punctiliously remind an Italian journalist a few years ago who asked him a question about criminal organizations in Russia: "Mafia is an Italian word". Well, it will be appropriate to remind the father of the Russian state that "Pogrom is a Russian word" and that at the roots of XNUMXth century anti-Semitism, wherever you look at it, are the protocols of the sages of Zion, invented by Russian intelligence at the end of the XNUMXth century.

No, Putin's Russia teaches us nothing new, except that we must be wary of those who always have something to teach others.

The inevitable consequences

In short, even Jerusalem in the end realized that the world is no longer the same after February 24 and the common interests with Russia in Syria no longer seem sufficient to consider Moscow a credible counterpart.

Given that the mistakes of the leaders cannot remain without consequences, the Israeli government is currently discussing a supply of military aid to Ukraine. While the immediate dispatch of the most effective weapon systems is probably out of the question in this first phase, the supply of less modern systems, combat equipment and surveillance systems seems almost certain. Israel seems to have understood that too long-lasting agreements cannot be made with those who think like Lavrov.

In short, as Albert Einstein said, two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, but we can still have doubts about the universe.