The success of the Taliban worries Israel

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The images of the news these days show the reconquista Taliban of Afghanistan, with Westerners busy evacuating Afghan diplomatic personnel and collaborators.

In addition to the statements of Western politicians, those of the terrorist group Hamas also appeared. The political spokesman, in fact, celebrated the return of the Taliban to power with the following declaration: “Today the Taliban are victorious after being accused of being backward and of terrorism. The Taliban confronted America and its agents and rejected half solutions. The Taliban were not fooled by the slogans of democracy and elections and false promises. This is a lesson for all oppressed peoples ".

This declaration shows the same willingness on the part of Hamas to carry on a war against the State of Israel. There is no doubt that the Taliban's takeover of Kabul has exalted many groups, such as Hamas and Hezbollah. In Europe, and in the Western Hemisphere in general, it will be talked about for a few more weeks, then it will end up in the shadows. In Israel, on the other hand, the images of defeat and despair that come from Afghanistan have fueled the Jerusalem government's awareness of not being able to rely too much on their allies (the Americans) and having to manage strategic issues, such as for example. the Iranian nuclear. The Israeli security apparatus is obsessed with images of evacuation from airports and bases its mission on a very specific assumption: never having to see those scenes on Israeli territory.

On the other hand, the Islamic militias are becoming increasingly aggressive. First the rockets with exchanges of fire responses with Hezbollah from southern Lebanon. Then the trip to Teheran of the number two of the Lebanese Shiite organization to take stock with the head of the gods Guardians of the Revolution Hossein Salami. Finally, the double warning to the Jewish state: both Salami and the head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah (photo), have issued a declaration in which they declare that they are ready for war against the Jewish state.

Salami further added that "Iran has the capabilities to annihilate Israel and, should it make a mistake, the resulting war will be its end".

Photo: IRNA